Welcome to JS Associate LLC

JS Associate LLC is a Company formed with objectives of providing enhanced & quality services in the area
of the growing need of Architectural & Engineering Consultancy Services, Construction
Management Services as well as Digital Editing Services in the field of Building Construction &
Video Production and a high quality design and drawing provider with the help of 2D & 3D design
technologies. The Company also provides Design-drawing s& Installation services for HERMANMILLER products in the field of Commercial & Healthcare services. The Company would like to apply their diversified knowledge in relation to the Architectural Consultancy & Construction Management.


business background

With the popularization of the Internet and the widespread use of the PC’s, a “new industrial revolution
driven by digital technology is rapidly gaining momentum. The owner Dr. Jayati Dasgupta has more than 24
years of experience as Manager /CADD Manager/Project Engineer/ Project Manager in different l &
Construction Management Firms in USA and abroad. Dr. Dasgupta supervised and executed many
projects throughout her career JS Associates hold promise to gain a reputation for offering quality
services in all these fields.